10 characteristics of sliding door opener in use

Update: 2021/12/13

A drive composed of a motor, a transmission, and a clut […]

A drive composed of a motor, a transmission, and a clutch device. It is a mechatronic product called a sliding door opener. The swing door opener is an important part of an electric retractable door. It is the heart of the electric sliding door and realizes the intelligence of the electric sliding door. Symbol of an integrated product.
  The sliding door opener is applied to the electric sliding door, which can realize the full automation of the sliding door. Its functional characteristics include:
  1. Wire control or full remote control to control the door to open, close and stop.
  2. it has soft start when opening and closing doors.
  3. Intelligent limit function. The door operator is installed on the side away from the door hinge, and the driving force is directly applied to the opening and closing direction of the door. Power saving and high efficiency.
  4. automatic or manual clutch, the door can be manually pushed to open the clutch (used in power failure or special circumstances), and the automatic clutch function has been realized, that is, the clutch will automatically open when the power is off.
  5. low-temperature automatic heating function, that is, when the ambient temperature is lower than minus 40 degrees, it can still be used normally.
  6. The cooling device, when the ambient temperature is too high, adopts an exhaust system to speed up the heat dissipation of the motor and adapt to frequent use.
  7. total running time protection function.
  8. The return function in case of resistance, that is, the anti-collision function.
  9. Warning light interface.
  10. mechatronics machine structure, no need to install additional controller.

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