11 major features of wheeled automatic swing door opener

更新: 2021/08/09

Wheeled automatic swing door operator is the driver for […]

Wheeled automatic swing door operator is the driver for all the swing doors (commonly known as "90 degree gate" or "eight-character door opener") of villas, communities, institutions, and schools that need to be remotely controlled. The reason why this type of swing door opener is widely used The use mainly considers the following characteristics.
  1. Convenient installation: It is not affected by the original structure of the door post and gate. Any swing door can be easily installed without destroying its original structure; there are no special requirements for the shape and size of the door post and door body.
  2. Large effective thrust: The door opener works at the force point (far away from the hinge) where the door is opened, with an efficiency of 100%. As long as the door can be pushed by a single person, it can work reliably.
  3. Small force on the door body: due to the force point ^ and high efficiency, the force on the door body is small and the door body structure will not be deformed.
  4. Can open ultra-wide doors: Since it works far away from the pivot of the door, and the direction of force is always the same as the opening direction, doors no matter how wide they are can be opened and closed easily.
  5. The gate can be opened and closed freely from 0 to 360 degrees super wide angle. 
  6. Self-locking: After the door is closed, the door opener can be reliably locked by itself, no need to add an electric lock.
       7. High intelligence: Since the machine comes with a linkage electric lock, you can freely set the left and right door opening sequence, arbitrarily specify a certain door to open, rebound when blocked, stop automatically when blocked, and automatically determine whether the car or person is leaving The door closes automatically after going, and there is a value-added interface that can form a modern intelligent access control system with the ground sensor, card reader/encryptor.
  8. Low power consumption: Due to the high efficiency of opening the door and low power required, the power consumption is extremely low.
  9. Limit switch, easy to control, accurate and stable limit, without overloading the motor and mechanism.
  10. The mechanism bears little stress and has a long life.
  11. Streamlined appearance, compact and beautiful.


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