5 common faults when the capacitor is running in the sliding door opener

Update: 2021/12/02

1. Capacitor open circuit, because the capacitor and th […]

1. Capacitor open circuit, because the capacitor and the secondary winding are connected in series, the capacitor open circuit is equivalent to the secondary winding open circuit. When the motor is energized, turn the gear outside the motor shaft by hand to help start, and it will turn without sense of direction.
2. Capacitor short circuit. Capacitor short circuit is equivalent to the direct energization of the auxiliary winding. The starting method is similar to the resistance starter motor. The motor can rotate, but the performance has changed, the current power increases, and the motor coil of the sliding door operator is easy to burn, so choose high-quality capacitor supply Necessity of quotient.
3. The capacitor shell bulges, the capacitor leakage and the working environment temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the electrolyte to heat up, and the shell bulges or bursts.
4. Long-term operation of the capacitor, if the quality is not good, the capacity of the capacitor will gradually attenuate, the capacity becomes smaller, the motor will still rotate but the speed will drop.
5. Causes the door opener to fail to start. The above problems can explain the problem. In the application of capacitors, the size of the capacitor and the selection of high-quality suppliers are important. All motors are equipped with thermal protection functions. When the motor reaches a certain temperature, it will automatically Cut off the current and stop running to protect the coil from being burned. Generally, in a capacitor-starting motor, the capacity of the capacitor in series in the starting winding is doubled, and the starting torque can only be increased by 50%, while the starting current has to be increased by 200%.

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