Common faults and troubleshooting methods of electric garage doors

Update: 2022/07/14

1. The motor is not running normally, and there is a co […]

1. The motor is not running normally, and there is a continuous humming sound.
The reason is mainly because of two-phase operation, the only way is to first check the power circuit and connect the tee.
2. The valve is stuck, which may be caused by the reverse rotation and the incorrect adjustment of the limit switch.
The solution is to use the hammer mechanism in the handwheel operation to open the stuck valve when the valve is in the open position.
3. The actuator rotates, but does not drive the valve. The cause is that the clutch lever is padlocked in the "manual" position and the seat of the moving bushing is not properly aligned.
The solution is to hit the clutch to "remote operation" and align the bushing position.
4. If the valve is not in place, the motor will stop running.
The cause is that the adjustment of the stroke controller is poor, and the torque controller acts in advance.
5. Torque, travel switch does not work out of control.
As a result, the source phase sequence is wrongly connected, the line is connected wrongly, and the contactor suction iron is not released.

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