Common faults of automatic barriers and their maintenance methods

更新: 2021/07/19

 Automatic barriers, also known as car stoppers, were o […]

 Automatic barriers, also known as car stoppers, were originally introduced from abroad. The basic appearance of barriers is specifically designed to manage the entrances and exits of roads that restrict motor vehicles. The common faults of automatic barriers and their maintenance methods are mainly as follows:
1. The coil of the barrier is loose: when the local induction coil cannot be firmly fixed in the nest, the vibration of the car over the road will cause the deformation of the coil in the nest and change the initial inductance of the ground inductance. At this time, the sensor must be reset before it can be used. Normal work; the solution is to pour melted asphalt into it to fix it.
2. The joint screws of the barrier are loose: the joint screws are connected by positive and negative threads, and the upper and lower bearings are connected by a double-ended screw. If the screws are loose, the upper and lower positions will be inaccurate. Insert an 80mm long Ф4 iron rod between the double-headed screws and turn the adjustment gate rod up and down.
3. Loosening of the arm screw of the barrier: If this screw is loose, the bar of the electric barrier will be inaccurately positioned up and down and will shake when the bar is stopped. Hang the bolt tightly and lock the nut.
4. Magnet shifting in position control: Both the upper and lower positions adopt the Minin Hall element. If the position of the rectangular magnet and the cam disc of the reducer changes, the position will be inaccurate. The problem can be solved by adjusting it accurately and not turning it over.
5. Power-off protection switch: When the control part of the barrier fails, the automatic protection device of the barrier will work automatically. At this time, the barrier rod stops at the inclined up position and does not move, the main power supply is disconnected, and the machine does not work. At this time, open the door of the machine, and turn the large belt clockwise 3-8 times to the upper position to recover. If the original state cannot be restored for so many times, check whether the Hall element and the circuit board are malfunctioning.
6. The adjustment nut of the pull-down hook is loose: there is a threaded M10 pull-down hook in the lower part of the chassis. Its function is to pull the spring of the balance mechanism and adjust the zero point of the balance function. It is also equipped with two M10 hexagon nuts and Ф10 spring washers. If the nuts are loose, knocking noises and balance disorders will occur when the machine is running. Although the machine can still run after the balance is out of balance, it will greatly aggravate the reducer, motor and other transmissions. The load of mechanical parts affects the reliability and mechanical life of the barrier gate operation.

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