Daily maintenance method of door opener---mechanical part

Update: 2022/04/07

First of all, the maintenance failures of imported door […]

First of all, the maintenance failures of imported door openers are minimal, as long as they are installed and used correctly, there will generally be no problems.
However, there are still some customers who have maintenance problems with their door openers. Now I will briefly summarize the reasons for the repair of the door openers:
Seven-point door opener, three-point installation, good installation is half the battle! Some customers are not familiar with the installation method of the door opener, and do not follow the steps of the manual. They take it for granted. After installation, although it can run, there are hidden dangers. Over time, the problem will appear.
For the buried motor, the most important reason for repair is that the drainage is not done, or the drain pipe is blocked, and the water cannot be drained out. It is resistant to water immersion in a short time, so IP67 means that the product can prevent dust from entering and can withstand water immersion in a short time, which clearly shows that the motor cannot be immersed in water for a long time, so when the box is pre-buried, it must be Be sure to do a good job of drainage, unless your motor is installed with a canopy or no rainwater.
For the buried door opener, another reason for the maintenance of the motor is that the upper and lower shafts are not on the same vertical line, and the buried box is not level, which causes the door opener to be pinned during operation, especially for heavy-duty doors or doors that require three The door shafts that are in a line need to be accurate to the millimeter level to ensure the long-term smooth operation of the door operator!
For the straight arm type motor, the installation requirements of the motor are lower than those of the buried door opener, and the accuracy is not so high, but there are still requirements for the installation of the motor. The main reason for the failure is the cantilever of the motor. If it is not level, it will cause resistance at the joints of the motor, so when installing, pay attention to the relevant size and level;
For the sliding door motor, the reason for the maintenance of the motor is that the motor cannot carry the door, and the door body runs for too long, which causes the door body to drop, and the rack is pressed on the gear, which causes the sliding door motor to run under load. Over time, the gearbox The gears inside will wear out and the motor will not run properly.
Therefore, if you want to use the sliding door motor for a long time, you should check and maintain it regularly. Every 3 months, you should manually push and pull it back and forth to see if the force is even. Look down to see if there is a gap between the gear and the rack, and whether the screws of the rack are There is looseness, whether the limit of the door is loose, etc.


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