Flexible use of automatic barrier system functions

更新: 2020/12/10

The automatic barrier system is extremely versatile and […]

The automatic barrier system is extremely versatile and can be programmed according to individual needs. Therefore, various projects can benefit from installation. They are not only public parking lots, but also benefit private landowners and many types of enterprises. . For example, automatic barriers can be used to allow access to private tracks or lanes when vehicles are authorized to prevent unreasonable access by others. Private roads that only residents can access can also benefit from their installation; if necessary, visitors can be provided Temporary access code.

License plate reading technology is another important consideration. If you have a parking lot, such as free parking for a limited time, then being able to read the registration number as the vehicle enters and leaves is essential for management services. Automatic barriers force cars to stop so that their permits can be read correctly by this technology and prevent drivers from leaving them welcome. They can also be fully integrated with parking payment machines for payment cards and cash transactions.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that modern automatic barriers can be integrated with the traffic flow system, which is ^ when the safety barrier is installed. They can allow more cars to pass when the traffic is clear, and less likely to be unsafe. All or some of these technologies can be used together to provide the best access control.


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