How much do you know about the battery knowledge of electric sliding door operators

更新: 2021/02/24

Conventional rolling door motors, tubular motors, elect […]

Conventional rolling door motors, tubular motors, electric sliding door motors and other electric door motors powered by DC motors. This kind of backup power supply is generally used in DC door openers, and the battery is in a "long charge and no discharge" state. After 15 days, the battery plate will start to vulcanize. After 30 days, its capacity will drop by more than half. After three months, it will basically fail. (The appearance of failure is: there is voltage but no current, and it cannot be charged. The reason The plate is severely vulcanized and the internal resistance increases sharply) The battery life is very short.
The so-called "reserve soldiers for thousands of days, use soldiers for a while" is unavailable when it is in an emergency. The industry's worries about the battery life are due to this. Its working mode is: when the mains is normal, 2 DC replacement power supply: refers to the one without inverter The backup power supply, the equipment is directly supplied to the DC motor after the transformer is transformed and rectified, and when the mains is disconnected, it is manually switched to battery power supply. There is no battery discharge maintenance circuit until the battery is exhausted.
Easy to use (in the event of a power failure, you need to turn over the wall to enter the room, this kind of DC replacement power supply has low technical content and manual switching) battery life is low; generally only a few manufacturers with very weak technical force are used, such as wheels produced by individual small factories on the market Type electric sliding door operator (motor is 24 volt DC power supply, battery is 12 volt, voltage does not match, a charger is required), etc.


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