How should consumers buy induction automatic doors

更新: 2021/03/05

Consumers should pay attention to the sensor (induction […]

Consumers should pay attention to the sensor (induction door machine), after-sales service, installation company and other aspects when purchasing induction automatic doors. Any problem in any of these links will most likely affect the normal operation of the automatic door and cause irreparable losses.
  Whether the sensor is selected well or not will have a greater impact on the performance of the induction automatic door. Generally speaking, sensors for induction automatic doors are generally installed on the lintel, but if the automatic door of your induction door is installed on the ceiling and a pair of ceiling sensors are installed, it will look seamless; if you are A five-star hotel chooses a pair of large-range, high-sensitivity sensors and a static safety sensor to provide customers with attentive service, but also to ensure foolproof safety; if your induction automatic door is close to the sidewalk (Such as a bank), using a narrow-area dedicated sensor can completely solve your automatic door opening by mistake caused by pedestrians passing by on the sidewalk.
Glass induction door control system: 1. Main controller: It is the command center of automatic doors. Through a large-scale integrated block programmed with instruction programs inside, it sends out corresponding instructions to direct the work of motors or electric lock systems; at the same time, people pass the main control The controller adjusts the door leaf opening speed, opening range and other parameters. 2. Induction detector: Responsible for collecting external signals, like people's eyes, when a moving object enters its working range, it will give a pulse signal to the main controller; 3. Power motor: provide the main power for opening and closing the door , Control the door leaf to accelerate and decelerate. 4. Door leaf running track: Just like a train track, the wheel system of the door leaf spreader restrains the door leaf to travel in a specific direction. 5. Door spreader wheel walking system: used to hang the movable door leaf, and at the same time drive the door leaf to run under power traction. 6. Timing belt (some manufacturers use V-belt): used to transmit the power produced by the motor, and to pull the wheel system of the door spreader. 7. Lower guide system: It is a guide and positioning device for the lower part of the door leaf to prevent the door leaf from swinging back and forth during operation.

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