How to solve the safety problem of open community

更新: 2021/03/22

 The editor believes that only by making full use of ex […]

 The editor believes that only by making full use of existing property management resources, applying effective security facilities, and increasing the application of more intelligent facilities, can we prevent it from happening and solve the security problems of open communities at one time.
  On the one hand, increase the quality of property management personnel; on the other hand, it is also necessary to select stable security products. The big obstacle to the realization of an open community is "Can you effectively prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the floor". From this perspective, the safety of the unit door of the community is particularly important; now the unit door of the domestic community mainly relies on the building intercom system. It is composed of host, extension, UPS power supply, electric locks and door closers, but if an open community is built, ordinary electric locks and door openers can hardly meet safety requirements. The editor believes that in this regard, we can learn from the "automatic door machine" technology of European and American countries.
Domestic companies have also tried in this area in recent years, which are also called electric door openers, swing door openers, automatic door motors or electric door closers. This kind of smart facility for residential communities is based on the popular servo control technology in European and American countries and can be used in conjunction. Access control system, fire alarm and burglar alarm system, building intercom, etc., have the functions of protection against obstacles, wind protection, and advance opening, etc., and have a certain reputation in the domestic market.
  Automatic door machines have not yet been fully popularized, mainly because people’s awareness of such products is not strong, but with the promotion of smart cities, smart communities, etc., the prospects are worth looking forward to.

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