Induction door machine and its circuit application principle

更新: 2021/03/15

In machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, chemistry, a […]

In machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, chemistry, aviation, transportation, agriculture and other various industries, induction door operators are widely used. With the continuous improvement of industrial automation, it is necessary to use various control motors as The components of the automation system, the motor is also indispensable in the automatic control system of the artificial satellite. In addition, in the national defense, culture and education, medical treatment and daily life (in the modern home appliance industry), induction door operators are also more and more widely used.  
The core of the circuit is the 80C51 single-chip microcomputer, which has a 4KB FlashROM inside, no need to expand the program memory; the computer does not have a large amount of calculation and temporary storage of data, the existing 128B on-chip RAM can meet the requirements, and there is no need to expand the off-chip RAM. Equipped with 4-digit LED display and 2 single-interface keyboards, using the P0 interface to connect an 8-way inverted tri-state buffer 74LS244 as the segment control driving signal for LED dynamic scanning, and using the P1 interface P1.0-P1.3 to connect to a set The open-electrode inverting gate circuit 74LS07 is used as the bit selection signal drive port of the 4-bit LED. The common cathode terminal of the LED is connected to the output terminal of the 74LS07; the button interface is used by P2.0 and P2.1 to simultaneously complete the digital signal reception. The P3 port is connected to the D/A converter, and the signal processed by the single-chip microcomputer is converted into an analog signal. The electrical energy is turned into mechanical energy by the induction door machine to drive the electric retractable door to complete the opening and closing.


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