Induction door machine anti-broken chain equipment and its limit device

更新: 2021/01/05

The anti-broken chain equipment is a security developme […]

The anti-broken chain equipment is a security development for the chain drive motor belonging to a patented organization. The device will lock the door at the moment of gravity in case of accidental disconnection of the motor drive chain, and the door will immediately stop falling to prevent hitting talents or other objects, playing a role The safety of the door, especially the door body hundreds of kilograms per ton, if the accidental fall due to the broken chain, the consequences will be catastrophic.
Limiting device is a device that realizes that the door automatically stops running after a period of time. Limiting device has single body double limit device. Single body limit device is set in upper limit switch and limit switch. It can be adjusted by adjusting the mechanism inside the limit. The door operating height is the distance from the door limit stop position to the upper limit automatic stop.
The disadvantage of the single body spacing is that the upper and lower limits of the mechanism fail, especially if there is a contact paste on the upper and lower limit switches, it does not automatically stop the operation of the motor, it can cause damage or the door panel may collapse in other mechanisms of the rolling machine accident.
Double line spacing device adds a set of upper and lower limit switch positions based on a single limit. If one set is wrong, although the other set of upper and lower limit switches automatically stop, so in order to avoid more serious safety accidents.

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