Inspection standards for sliding door openers

更新: 2021/03/29

There have been considerable developments in the frame […]

There have been considerable developments in the frame structure, transmission components, circuits and intelligent circuit improvements of the door opener, and there are more and more varieties, and the opening methods are also varied and different, but no matter what kind of improvement the door opener makes, The inspection standard of the horizontal sliding door operator is still universal. The inspection standards are as follows:
1. The personnel move towards the door operator from outside or inside the door at a normal speed. The door operator should automatically open, and the action of the door operator should be smooth and there is no collision. After the door operator is opened, the personnel will move at about 180mm per second. When the left and right speeds pass through the door operator, the door operator should remain open.
2. When a person leaves the sensor area of ​​the door operator sensor, after a delay of about 10 seconds (the length of time can be set by the parameter of the door operator switch), the operator of the door operator will automatically shut down, and the action of the door operator should be smooth and smooth. There was no collision.
3. Observers normally pass the walking route of the door operator. The daily walking route needs to be adjusted to the person facing the door operator, instead of moving towards the door operator at a certain angle.

4. When moving towards the door operator, the sensing width range of the sensor of the door operator should be greater than the width of the door fully opened.
5. If the sliding door operator is equipped with an auxiliary light sensor website optimization (infrared through-beam protection device), when the door is opened, the person stands still and covers the auxiliary light sensor by hand, and the door should remain open. Within a few seconds after the hand leaves, the door should close again.


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