Main features and function details of remote control door opener

更新: 2021/06/15

At present, the name of the door opener is different. A […]

At present, the name of the door opener is different. According to the driving mode, the door opener can be divided into: electromechanical door opener and hydraulic door opener. The electromechanical door opener is special with the remote control door opener^, especially in its function, let us explain from the main function characteristics and main function details. 
  Main features: 
  1. The door body stroke is controlled by a mechanical double limit mechanism, which has accurate limit, high repeatability and convenient adjustment of the stroke.  
  2. infrared protection switch and pressure electric wave sensor switch can be connected. 
  3. Emergency stop button: There is an emergency stop button on the control box, which can quickly cut off the power supply of the control circuit in case of emergency to protect the safety of people and machines.
  4. There is an overheat protector inside the motor. When the motor operating temperature reaches a predetermined value, the system will automatically cut off the power and enter the automatic protection state.  
  5. It is equipped with a hand-lifting mechanism, and a safety interlocking device is installed between manual operation and electric operation. In the event of a power failure, the manual mode can be used to pull the door safely.  
  6. using high-grade grease, maintenance-free.  
  7. Industrial motors can be installed on the left or right side.  
  Main function details  
1. It is equipped with a hand-lifting mechanism. When the power is off, the hand zipper can be pulled directly, and the hoist can pull the door to run; 2. Set a quick clutch; 3. Use a mechanical double limit mechanism to control the door stroke. The limit is accurate, the repeat accuracy is high, and the adjustment stroke is convenient; 4. When the lifted front door has a door-in-door, the elevator can be equipped with a door-in-door sensor. If the door in the door is not closed properly, the controller will automatically enter the automatic In the locked state, the door cannot be lifted.

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