Points to note when choosing a door operator

更新: 2020/10/24

Security level: When choosing a sliding door opener, it […]

Security level: When choosing a sliding door opener, it is considered that there are hidden safety hazards. Many hotels and hotel restaurants have experienced vicious incidents of sliding door openers. In order to prevent the possibility of similar occurrences, the sliding door openers must be installed during installation. Infrared sensor, so you can prevent the possibility of businessmen.

Application level: The sliding door opener is working by inductive switches, so it should be considered as the top priority when selecting inductive switches. For example, when installing in a hotel restaurant or hotel venue, you should choose some highly sensitive induction switches; when installing in some venues with a large number of passengers, you should choose an induction switch with a lower relative sensitivity and a narrow magnetic induction area. .

Engineering construction level: When installing the sliding door opener, it is a critical stage to select the local agent or project supplier of the sliding door opener. It is necessary to select a sliding door opener construction company that can provide a sound after-sales maintenance service. Good project providers or regional agents are not only It can ensure the construction quality of the project, and in the future maintenance can also be carried out immediately, giving you no worries.


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