Roller type eight character door opener

Update: 2022/04/12

Roller type door opener is also called walking wheel ty […]

Roller type door opener is also called walking wheel type eight-character door opener, wheeled side-by-side door motor, eight-character door opener, intelligent remote control door opener, etc.
In many practical applications, there are many customers whose doors need to be opened to 180° or more than 110°. At this time, the straight arm door operator cannot meet the requirements, because the maximum opening angle of the straight arm door operator is only 110° °, as for the buried door opener, in principle, it is possible to install an accessory that opens 180°, but this brings another problem. After adding a 180° accessory, the weight of a single door will be reduced. The width of the doors has been reduced.
At this time, due to the special working principle, the roller-type door opener can be opened arbitrarily at 0-180°, which well meets the requirements of remote control door opening, well meets the requirements of intelligent villa courtyard doors, and serves customers well. Provide the ideal channel solution!
In the communication with customers, there are many customers who have installed the door and the ground before consulting the relevant matters of the door opener. At this time, it is obviously inappropriate to recommend the buried door opener to the customer. Straight arm door openers and wheeled splay door openers can be installed!
However, if the customer does not understand the installation requirements of the straight arm door opener before, but the door post is made very wide and the door is installed in the middle of the door post, then the pull arm, door frame and door operator bracket of the straight arm door opener are between the three. If a reasonable right-angled triangle cannot be formed, the installation of the straight-arm door opener is a bit difficult. At this time, the wheeled eight-character door opener is the ideal solution, because the wheeled eight-character door opener does not need to damage the ground and the door. The width of the column does not affect the running route of the roller type intelligent remote control eight-character door opener.
Of course, there are also unsuitable installation environments for the wheeled eight-character door opener. For example, there is a large slope within the operating radius of the door, or the ground is not a marble or concrete floor, but a large cobblestone floor of different sizes.

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