Spring replacement of the door operator

更新: 2020/11/20

 If you have two garage doors and they have similar use […]

 If you have two garage doors and they have similar uses, replace the springs above the two doors when one door breaks, and the other may break within a year.
If your garage door opens slowly or makes a lot of noise, then before buying a new one, please check for broken or swaying rollers and brackets, but do not replace the lower roller bracket by yourself—the cables connected to it are in In extreme tension, you need to call a professional.
  If you want to replace the roller, please use a nylon roller. They run quieter than steel drums and are extremely low cost. Next, check the torsion spring (installed on the header above the door opening) to see if it is broken. When one breaks, you will see the gap in the coil, and you need a professional to replace the broken spring.
  Ensure the balance of the door operator, close the door and pull the emergency release rope (always close the door first). Lift the door about halfway, then let go; the door should not move. If it slides up or down, the torsion spring needs to be adjusted (or even replaced). Adjusting torsion springs is dangerous, so don't try it yourself (you may be seriously injured). Ask professionals to adjust.


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