Summary of characteristics of floor roller door opener

更新: 2021/07/05

The floor roller door opener has a large starting torqu […]

The floor roller door opener has a large starting torque, is highly intelligent, user-friendly, large thrust, easy to install, beautiful in appearance, simple in structure, complete functions, economical and practical, etc. It is easy to switch between states automatically by using a special key when power is off. It is a manual state, and its humanized design is extremely scientific and reasonable, and it is widely used for automatic control of doors opened at an ultra-wide angle of 0-180 degrees. Its characteristics can be summarized as the following 10 points:  
  1. Non-blocking clutch device. When the door is unable to operate normally due to power outage or other faults, you only need to use the clutch key to rotate the clutch switch to the separated state to switch to manual control. Using a microcomputer control system and advanced navigation technology, it can drive on a predetermined route without any track.
  2. Intelligent motor: When the nose completely deviates from the predetermined route due to the influence of external force during driving, it will automatically retrieve the predetermined route and automatically correct errors to ensure that the door body travels according to the predetermined route.
  3. Anti-wind device: It can resist strong wind. 
  4. Magnetic limit device to ensure that the retractable door is firmly locked when it is closed in place. 
  5. Before use, just use a simple method to set an ideal driving route on the road; the installation is simple, fast and convenient. 
  6. Cancel the traditional telescopic door seven-core cable and underground cable, and only need two-core cable. 
  7. Optional anti-climbing device: when the door is closed, it can sense the climbing object, remind the user, and ensure indoor safety. 
  8. Optional anti-collision device: It can detect objects within about 40 cm during the closing process and automatically reverse.  
  9. The drive motor adopts a professional gated motor, which has a long service life. 
  10. Equipped with an electronic soft-start device: it effectively eliminates the instantaneous impact force when the motor starts, and makes the machine head start smoothly without shaking.

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