The difference between electric door and automatic door, the advantages of electric door opener

Update: 2022/06/13

Many people think that the electric door and the automa […]

Many people think that the electric door and the automatic door are the same thing, but in fact, the two are different things. The electric door mainly controls the opening and closing of the door through the method of motor and wire control or external system control. Electric doors are divided into smart electric doors, electric retractable doors, rail electric doors and other categories of products.
An automatic door refers to a product that generates opening and closing actions by means of system drive according to the door opening or closing sensor signal previously set by the system. System operation can be based on opening the door when the signal source approaches and closing the door when it disappears.
In operation, the electric door adopts manual and automatic control modes for users to choose. Users can choose products with different functions according to their needs for opening and closing the electric door. Since the structure of the automatic door is designed according to the mechanical principle, the quality of the door has basically been balanced by the spring or hammer on the door. Of course, even manual operation is very convenient.
In addition, many electric doors nowadays have adopted the induction function, which can automatically open and close and rebound according to the relevant settings, which effectively avoids the occurrence of accidental pinching or truck accidents.
Advantages of electric doors:
1. In terms of use and control, there are manual and automatic remote control systems to meet the user's requirements for opening and closing the door.
2. In terms of convenience, ordinary electricians can easily install according to the instructions without experience.
3. In terms of safety and reliability, there is an infrared sensing function when the door is closed. When it encounters resistance or obstacles, the door control system will stop in time or rebound when it encounters obstacles to avoid accidents.

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