The difference between faac door opener and hydraulic door opener

Update: 2022/01/04

The difference between faac door opener and hydraulic d […]

The difference between faac door opener and hydraulic door opener
Door openers are very common in our lives. In the previous article, I also talked about a lot of knowledge about it. Nowadays, people's home life has been greatly improved, and more and more people are beginning to have some convenience products. More demand. Judging from the current door opener market, competition in the industry is still fierce. Take faac door openers and hydraulic door openers as examples, their products are upgraded faster, and their product forms and functions are more diverse. So, for the two, what are the characteristics and advantages of each?
faac door opener
   1. The product is equipped with special gears and racks, which can bear the load of heavier doors;
  2. The clutch design is adopted, which can realize the integration of unlocking and clutching, and it can be easily converted to manual mode even if the power is cut off;
  3. The faac door opener has a self-locking function, which can lock the door safely after the door is closed;
  4. The overall model is small in size, high in power, easy to install, and safe to operate;
Hydraulic door opener
   1. It is equipped with two high-sensitivity bypass valves, which can ensure that objects close to it are not squeezed and form a better protection function;
  2. According to different usage requirements, there are more models to choose from. Moreover, it can be equipped with or without hydraulic lock, and the entire installation series are relatively simple and can withstand heavier gate loads;
  3. In an emergency, manual operation mode can also be realized, and its safety lock function can also ensure the safety of the door.

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