The key components of the door opener balance system

更新: 2021/03/08

Balance system: Use the elastic force of the spring to […]

Balance system: Use the elastic force of the spring to balance the gravity of the door leaf to reduce the resistance of the door leaf and operation, and improve the reliability and safety of the system during operation. The torsion spring is the top priority in the balance system. The torsion spring is like the human heart. Its function is second only to the motor. A good set of torsion spring is the most critical for the entire door opener.
The ideal state of a well-balanced door opener: After disengaging the door opener clutch, hold the door in your hand. After lightly applying force, the door can move in the direction of the force. At any position during the whole operation of the door, let go of the back door. Can keep moving up and down. The main factors affecting the balance effect are: first, the quality of the spring, second, whether the selection of spring parameters is reasonable, and third, the structural form and manufacturing accuracy of the relevant hardware.
The main factors affecting the quality of the balanced spring: the wide range of spring materials used are carbon spring steel, low manganese spring steel, silicon spring steel and chrome alum steel, etc. These materials are difficult to judge from the appearance of non-professionals. To be able to work reliably, the material should meet high strength limit and yield limit, and must also have high spring limit, fatigue limit, impact toughness, plasticity and good heat treatment processability.


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