The main function of the door opener, how to buy the door opener

更新: 2020/04/17

1. The easy-to-use features come from the BlueBUS syste […]

1. The easy-to-use features come from the BlueBUS system: the Naishi BlueBUS technology can control up to 15 control devices. It only needs 2 wires to connect the infrared radiation and 2 flashing lights.
2. Advanced: quick start, power and pause time can be adjusted.
3. Temperature sensor: adjust the power of the motor according to the weather conditions, and achieve overheat protection and self-diagnosis.
4. Master-slave selection function: This method realizes the simultaneous opening of double sliding doors.
5. Intelligence: thanks to the obstacle detection system and the automatic setting of working hours, self-diagnosis through flashing lights, 8-program programming.
6. Practical: Built-in controller, connected with a simple connector, placed directly in the motor.
7. Safety: the acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted at the beginning and end of the opening and closing operation.
8. Quiet: The geared motor is equipped with bearings.

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