The security system ignored by the door opener company: maintenance

更新: 2020/10/10

The development trend of the door opener manufacturing […]

The development trend of the door opener manufacturing industry so far, many door opener companies have not established a sound guarantee system, "manufacturing enterprises-agents-project installers-door opener customers" all the safe passage of commodity circulation has neglected to open the door The necessity of machine maintenance.

The door opener is used as a safe passage for entering and exiting high-end venues, and safe operation is the first from beginning to end. The door opener is not maintained in time, small problems are not solved, and the safety device has not been monitored for a long time. This causes serious safety risks in the entire operation of the door opener, especially the automatic revolving door. Vicious incidents of door openers are common in all provinces in China. .

In addition, the door opener is a mechatronics product. In regular operation, the usual maintenance of the wearing parts and consumables and mechanical parts is quite critical. The door is "working with failure", causing long-term overload and abnormal operation of key mechanical parts and electrical equipment components, resulting in a reduction in the service life of the door opener, and more serious harm to the rights and interests of customers.

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