The selection and use of the material of the rack and pinion of the sliding door machine

更新: 2021/06/22

The quality of the rack and pinion is more important to […]

The quality of the rack and pinion is more important to choose a good gear material. 
  Rack is a special gear with teeth distributed on a bar-shaped body. The racks are also divided into spur racks and helical racks, which are paired with spur gears and helical gears respectively; the tooth profile of the rack is straight instead of involute (for the tooth surface, it is flat) , It is equivalent to an infinite cylindrical gear with the index circle radius.  
The material of the rack is very wide according to the application. In some children's toys, plastics such as pvc and pom can be commonly used in injection molding. The racks used in construction such as sliding door openers are generally made of metal. The aspect is 45# steel. At present, most of the racks are made of S45C medium carbon steel or SCM440 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel. If it is an imported material, in terms of hardness, S45C medium carbon steel can reach about 45 degrees, while SCM440 chrome-molybdenum alloy steel can reach about 60 degrees. Better can reach 65 degrees. 
  Rack and pinion form a rack-and-pinion mechanism, which can convert the translation of the rack into the rotation of the gear, or the rotation of the gear into the translation of the rack. It can be composed of different motion amplitudes, such as linear motion, circumferential motion, positioning device and so on.

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