The use advantages and system advantages of remote control door openers

更新: 2020/11/28

With the push of a button, the automatic door opener ca […]

With the push of a button, the automatic door opener can completely independently enter residential or public/commercial light commercial doors (can be elevators or elevators or gates). This professional level disables the access control system to unlock a locked door, then open, pause and Turn it off-automatically. This remote control door opener can be operated with various wheelchair-mounted remote controls, wall push pads and other specialized controls to adapt to almost any physical unavailability.
Easy to install-most of the low voltage installation time is less than 2 hours-compared with other door openers, much less time and labor; in addition, because the door opener is a safe low-voltage equipment, so there is no need to hire an electrician, 24 volt AC Plug the adapter directly into the nearest wall socket (within 30 feet), insert the door opener into the small wall-mounted junction box, and install it.
Attractive design door system is attractive, unobtrusive, specially designed for the needs of the home environment. The operator has three excellent powder coating paints-silver metal, off-white and bronze, and stainless steel (new). Silver can still be used in a short time because it is replaced by a stainless steel surface.

Hand-assembled The professional door opener system is manually assembled by individual craftsmen. After assembly, the portal opener will be inspected and thoroughly tested as a complete working system.
Utilizing high-quality materials: ^Lubricated steel gears, steel casings, commercial release hardware, unlike some fragile overseas units, we use non-plastic parts in the system, which will not break after only a few months of use The phenomenon.

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