Three main fault maintenance skills of electric door opener

更新: 2020/04/11

After using furniture for a long time, some parts will […]

After using furniture for a long time, some parts will wear or aging. At this time, what we need to do is pay more attention to the usual maintenance and maintenance. In addition to strict control when buying, we also need to achieve operating specifications when using. Only in this way can we avoid the loss of money. The electric door opening motor has been used for a long time, do you need to maintain it? The answer is obvious. Here are some detailed introductions to the daily maintenance of electric door opening motors:
Fault 1: The manual clutch fails.  Swing Door Openers manufacturers
Analysis: The operating handle is damaged. The clutch is stuck.
Solution: replace the operating handle. Replace the left and right output gears.
Fault 2: The electric door opener and the door run backward immediately. Analysis: There is an obstacle in front of the door. The anti-collision photoelectric switch is damaged.
Solution: Check the obstacles in front of the door. Replace the photoelectric light.
Fault 3: Anti-climbing alarm. Analysis: The anti-climb probe is misaligned. The anti-climb probe is damaged. The connection is broken or the plug is loose.
Solution: Adjust the anti-climbing probe. Replace the anti-climb probe. Replace the plug cable.

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