What are the advantages and disadvantages of door openers with different opening methods

更新: 2021/01/27

Door openers are generally divided into three types: gr […]

Door openers are generally divided into three types: ground wheel type, underground type, and pull arm type. These three door openers have different usages according to the different opening methods. First, let's talk about ground wheel type door openers. This kind of door opener The feature is that it is installed at the lower middle of the door, and can be installed in the middle or rear door opening, which can automatically open and close. The advantage of the ground wheel door opener is that the long-term use will not cause the door leaf to loosen or sag. This is still very good for preventing the door from sagging.
The underground door opener is different. This kind of door opener pays more attention to hidden features. It is a good choice in some places with insufficient space or when the owner requires no space. This kind of door opener is generally installed under the rear door It has the characteristics of automatic and hidden. For long-term exposure to the sun, it is a good feature to prevent corrosion. This kind of door opener is more expensive.
Pull-arm type door openers are generally used on folding doors. The mechanical arms can open and close the folding doors through mechanical processing. These door openers have different prices because of different types. You should pay attention to understanding these products when purchasing. Features and prices will help you choose products that are more suitable for you.


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