What are the functions of the swing door motor

Update: 2022/07/07

The swing door motor is called the villa swing door ope […]

The swing door motor is called the villa swing door operator, which is specially used for the gate of the villa courtyard.
Ten intelligent functions are integrated into one. Due to the use of computer chips, the control system of this product has the following intelligent functions:
1. Single or double opening selection: through remote control operation, single or double doors can be opened and closed at the same time.
2. Key lock: Through remote control operation, all key functions of the control panel can be locked to prevent theft.
3. Repetitive operation limit: prevent the door from being damaged due to misoperation when the door is in place to overshoot.
4. Automatic stop when encountering obstacles: When encountering pedestrians, vehicles or obstacles during operation, it can automatically stop to ensure safety. The amount of resistance is set in the controller.
5. Prompt when the door is in place: the door is closed in place and locked securely, and the controller emits a "di--" prompt sound.
6. Time protection: The single running time of the door operator is set within 60 seconds to ensure the safety of the motor.
7. Infrared protection: through the external infrared detector, if there are pedestrians or vehicles passing through, it will automatically stop. (Optional)
8. Automatic door closing: After opening the door, the door will automatically close within the set time. (optional feature)
9. Automatic identification interface: As a component of the security system, this interface can be connected with cameras and card readers for automatic identification and release of vehicles (optional accessories)


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