What can the technical performance of the door opener be summarized?

更新: 2021/09/13

As an industry component, door opener accessories also […]

As an industry component, door opener accessories also occupy a certain market share. Although it is not very large, it can be regarded as an industry; but even in a small industry, door openers also need to have certain technical performance. 
  ① Rebound in case of resistance: When the gate is closing, if a vehicle (or pedestrian) enters/exit, the gate will stop "closed" and automatically turn to "open", which can prevent people from being caught and crashed, and has good safety performance. 
  ②Automatic door closing: When the door is opened, the door will be automatically closed and locked after a few seconds after the vehicle enters (or exits). ^It is commonly used on smart door openers.
  ③Sequential door opening: When two doors are pressed against each other, you can choose to delay opening by pressing the edge; the closing sequence is reversed to make the door close reliably.
  ④Single-opening (independent controller): In the side-opening door, one door can be selected for independent control (single-opening).
⑤Multi-door joint control: when the user has multiple remote control devices (such as courtyard doors, garage doors, rolling shutter doors), this machine can realize multi-door joint control, and one remote control can independently control four doors without interfering with each other, saving Tired of carrying multiple remotes.
  ⑥ The UPS power supply in the remote control box can be automatically connected when the power fails to ensure the continuous operation of the door opener.
  ⑦When connected with the infrared probe, the following intelligent functions can be realized to automatically open and close the door.
  ⑧Extended function: This machine can be linked with building intercom, parking lot system, and access control system to realize intelligent control.


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