What factors affect the price of smart door openers

更新: 2021/08/16

Maybe you have seen such a situation in the market. The […]

Maybe you have seen such a situation in the market. There are obviously two smart door openers with the same appearance. Why is the price different? Why? In fact, smart door openers with the same appearance not only have different internal door cores, but also have considerable differences in the craftsmanship in the production process. Let's take a look at those factors together!  
1. Materials and processes: There are aluminum profiles and stainless steel for smart door opening models. Naturally, there is a big difference between the two. Different materials and production processes have different effects on prices.
2. The structure of the door body; the product is determined by the difference in details to a certain extent. Although the door body is the same in appearance, the difference in the internal structure of the door body and the choice of external paint will make the smart door opener more effective. There is a big difference in quality. 
3. Shop consumption; the rent of smart door openers in stores or stores will also have a greater impact on the price. Many smart door openers may not be different in nature, but due to different store rents, the price will differ greatly after.
4. The quality of the core material; some manufacturers are rather black-hearted. If they want to save costs, they pay attention to the core material of the door. It may replace the core material, so consumers need to be careful when choosing.


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