What is the difference between industrial door motors and roller door motors

更新: 2020/03/06

In fact, electric shutter doors and electric industrial […]

In fact, electric shutter doors and electric industrial doors are very different in terms of structure, material, and place of use, and the two are usually irreplaceable. Today, Nevis will talk to you about the differences between the electric shutter door and the electric industrial door.
There are many differences between electric industrial doors and electric shutter doors. We focus on the differences from the aspects of product structure and product material.
Product structure
Industrial doors can be installed along the ceiling and wall to make reasonable use of space when the door is running, which overcomes the shortcomings of roller shutter doors that can only use a fixed installation space and improves the space utilization in the workshop.
The door body of the industrial lifting door adopts a horizontal split hinge connection, which makes the door easier to repair and replace. At the same time, a small door can be opened by using an interlocking device, which facilitates the passage of personnel and ensures the safety of the operation of the door. It fully reflects the convenience of the passage and saves energy.
The door body of the industrial sliding door adopts the bearing type operation, which not only overcomes the shortcomings of the rolling door noise, but also makes the door run more smoothly.
Product materials
The door body of the industrial door uses double-layer hot-rolled galvanized steel sheet with polyurethane foam filling inside, which improves the flame retardancy compared with the ordinary rolling shutter door and greatly reduces the cost compared with the fire-resistant rolling shutter door.
Compared with rolling door motors, industrial door motors have added a lot of functions. They can be connected to remote switches, radars, geomagnetic rings and other electrical switches, and can be connected to infrared, airbags and other safety protection devices.


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