What is the working principle of electric door opener?

更新: 2020/02/10

Single and double opening selection can be operated by […]

Single and double opening selection can be operated by remote control, which can realize single or independent opening or closing of the door at the same time. Through remote control operation, all keys on the control panel can be locked to prevent theft. Prevent the door from being damaged due to misoperation when the door is opened in place. When encountering obstacles such as pedestrians and vehicles during operation, the door opener automatically stops to ensure safety. The single running time of the door machine is set within 60 seconds to ensure the safety of the motor. Through the external infrared grating detector, if a pedestrian or a vehicle blocks the rays of the infrared grating when the door closing program is running, that is, the electric door opener automatically stops the door closing program and enters the door opening program. The danger of living greatly enhances the safety of the door machine.


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