Where are the places where the sliding door motor can be used?

Update: 2022/05/06

The sliding door motor is a device that can be controll […]

The sliding door motor is a device that can be controlled intelligently to ensure the smooth operation of the sliding door. It is often seen behind the doors of various places. It is divided into two types: built-in and external. Compared with traditional motors, it is quiet and power-saving. It is a major advantage of it, and it is easy to disassemble and maintain. It has become the choice of a large number of users.
1. Office Building
Whether it is the entry and exit gate of an office building or the door leaf of an internal office, the use of sliding door operators is very common. The advanced limit function of the sliding door operator with good quality and good service can effectively ensure the safety of people entering and leaving, and avoid people trapping by judging the flow of people entering and leaving and intelligently controlling the opening and closing of the door. It is worth noting that it can also facilitate the company's attendance supervision of employees through a compatible punch-in system.
2. Parking lot
The parking lot is another main use place for the sliding door machine, especially the open-air parking lot. The gate of the parking lot is controlled by a motor, and the application of high-performance power input technology can keep the gate of the parking lot running smoothly under multiple openings and closings, and has a long service life. As we all know, outdoor use puts forward high requirements on the temperature tolerance and waterproofness of the motor, but the industrialized integrated molding design enables the sliding door function to cope with various unexpected weather conditions.
3. Community
Sliding door operators are installed at the gate of the community and the gate of the unit building. By extending the access control system and electromagnetic equipment detectors, a complete security system for the gate of the community is formed to restrict the entry and exit of external personnel and ensure the personal safety of the community owners. In addition, based on the consideration of emergencies, women and children can also open and close the door with one person in the event of a power failure, so as to avoid the situation of people being trapped.


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